SKD was at the Ottawa Home and Remodelling Show!

Not this past weekend, but the one before that, we had a booth in the Ottawa Home and Remodelling Show.  It was a last minute decision – we gave the go ahead only 1 week before the show opened!  Bit of a whirlwind but it all worked out!  I had hoped to meet Brian Baumler, but he was there Saturday afternoon and I was not.  When I decided to do the show, my husband’s one stipulation was that I be home on Saturday afternoon for our daughter’s birthday party.  For some strange reason he didn’t want to entertain three little girls on his own!  Cyndi did a great job of covering the show while I was away. Read More…

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SKD’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and WHAT are you going to get for your sweetheart?  Flowers? Candy? Lingerie? *wink wink*  Well, those are all fine and well, but our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with is a little more practical and a lot more unique! Read More…

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January’s Featured Colour Palette: Lavender and Ice Blue

I know, I know, it’s February 1st and I’m a day late.  You’ll have to forgive me because I couldn’t NOT post this gorgeous colour palette of lavender and ice blue!  We’re going to post a featured colour palette every month this year (can you guess what colour February gets!?) and January’s is Lavender and Ice Blue.  This colour combination is unexpected and elegant yet decidedly French in its feeling.  Ice Blue is generally considered a ‘wintery’ colour, but mixed with a warmer lavender, it’s fresh while still maintaining coziness.  We’ve created a Lavender and Ice Blue Pinterest board just for you – click the image below for some serious eye candy.  Be sure to check out this basement (images below!) we just finished with ValaHome Improvements all done up in our featured colour palette.  Enjoy!

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New Year, New Start

Happy New Year!

We’re two weeks into the new year and time is already flying!  I wasn’t sure we were going to make it to 2016 because 2015 ended on a busy, busy, busy note!  After a lovely two weeks off over Christmas (I got to read a WHOLE book!), we’re back at it and ready to make some big changes for 2016.

We’re almost done a couple of really great projects; a condo kitchen, an ensuite and a master bedroom/ensuite renovation, and finished up an amazing basement just before the holidays.  We still need to get the ‘after’ photos professionally taken, but here’s a sneak peek in the meantime! Read More…

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July: Small Spaces Vol.3: Best Tips for Small Spaces

Welcome to Volume 3 of our Small Spaces blog series!  Today we’re going to go through our best tips for small spaces of all kinds – condos, townhomes, bachelor apartments or any little corner of your home that needs help! Read More…

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July: Small Spaces Vol. 2: Tiny Stand-Alone Offices

Welcome to Volume 2 of July’s blog series on Small Spaces!

Today we’re going to talk about tiny stand-alone offices.  These are the kinds of configurations that work for condos, shared spaces, dorms or rented rooms (students, I’m talking to you!), or homes that just don’t have dedicated office space.  I’ve got some really cool ready-made products to show you; take a look! Read More…

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July: Small Spaces Vol. 1: Happy Canada Day!

Welcome to Volume 1 of our July Small Spaces blog post series!  Since it’s Canada’s birthday, I’ve created a small condo design using red and white! Read More…

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What’s Up at SKD

It’s been 6 months, so time to update!  A lot of fun things are happening at SKD this summer, so here’s the run-down!

We finished a few projects recently; be sure to check them out (click on the photo to see the photo gallery): Read More…

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Ask Sarah: Vinyl vs. Laminate for Basements

Vanessa asks:  We are thinking of replacing our basement carpet, as my husband has allergies, and we have 2 kids and  a cat.   We originally thought laminate would suffice, but I recently came across the click-in vinyl wood-like plank flooring.

My husband isn’t sold on it yet, as he thinks of vinyl as being “cheap”.  He’s thinking future re-sale value of our town home and thinks a vinyl floor would cheapen our home and that laminate would be better.  But with 2 busy kids, and a cat that sometimes has accidents in the basement, I think the click-in vinyl would be the way to go, being that it’s waterproof, easy to install, etc.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this product!  We’d prefer the click-in over the adhesive strip vinyl.

Read More…

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Time Travelling with SKD!

Happy New Year!  I started 2015 off by time travelling.

Ok, not exactly.  I was dreaming about New Year’s Eve 1999 on New Year’s Day (we didn’t get home from our friend’s house until after 1am, so it was technically already the 1st when I went to bed).  In my dream, I had somehow time travelled back to high school (why we were in school on NYE, I don’t know, but hey, dreams are like that) and was panicking because 17 year old me was there and 32 year old me was there and OH MY GOD, I’VE CREATED A PARADOX! A RIFT IN THE TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM!  WHAT IF WE MEET!?

Did I mention that I’d watched Back to the Future I, II and III with the kids recently?

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