SKD’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and WHAT are you going to get for your sweetheart?  Flowers? Candy? Lingerie? *wink wink*  Well, those are all fine and well, but our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with is a little more practical and a lot more unique!


1.  A Garden Cocktail Gardening Kit.  Bottles of wine are so passé.  Well, probably not, but this is way more fun!  Even if she’s not much of a drinker, it’s great to have all these herbs on hand for cooking.  The company that makes this has all sorts of other herb/veggie kits for your gardening lady-friend.


2.  A personalized love story book.  Super cute idea, but you need to make it TODAY.  Express shipping to Ontario gets it here on the 12th so go! Go now!


3. A mermaid tail blanket.  As a little girl, every woman once wanted to be a mermaid (some probably still do), so help her dreams come true…sort of…with a mermaid tail blanket!  Safer than the swimming tails and a lot cozier!  It only ships to the US, though, so you’ll have to make a trip out to the UPS store in Ogdensburg or wherever your closest border is.

Mermaid blanket


4. A beard shaping tool.  My husband constantly struggles with where to cut his beard line.  Supposedly beards are on their way out of fashion, but I don’t believe it.  Beards 4 Life!


5. An iPhone case with Han Solo encased in Carbonite.  Because, Star Wars.

Han Solo phone care

6. A survival bracelet.  Instead of buying him a fancy bracelet, buy him one that could help save his life!  There are a ton of options; camping, fallout, bug out, first responder.  For the paranoid in all of us.

survivor bracelet


7.  A hidden hinge kit that turns a bookshelf into a hidden door. I would LOVE to receive this (complete with the bookshelf and installation, of course) but my house is fairly open concept, so we don’t have enough doors to do this.  It would also help my overflowing book collection to be less…overflowing.

Hidden Door

8.  A pasta maker.  Cooking together is a great way to bond, and everyone loves pasta!  There are a ton of attachments and other doo-dads to go with it, like drying racks and disks to make other pasta shapes.


9.  Personalized sound wave artwork.  What better way to say ‘I love you’ than by…saying I love you!


10.  A gift certificate from Sarah Kidder Design!  Saved the best for last, oh yes I did!  Give us a call or send us an email to give the gift of interior design.  Available in any denomination.

Screenshot 2016-02-03 11.39.42